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Solution oriented technology enthusiast and software developer who believes in digital business, digital economy and digital security.

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For every problem, there are many solutions.

I think that

the world can be better and it is up to us, work provokes self-growth, veganism is the way to go (I’m far from vegan but it is in the to do list), we are all energy, everyone is talented, and theres is always something to improve.

Overthinking about pretty much anything, solving problems, sharing stories, the struggle to become better everyday, the desire to leave the world better than you found it and chess are some of the

things I like


are those “things”, “issues”, “injustices” that we interact with everyday across our life directly, and indirectly. Climate change, world hunger, racism, access to clean water, opportunity inequality, overdue tasks/homework, emotional insufficiency, legacy habits, unpaid bills, and I could go on and on but, why?


are what provoke those “a-ha!” moments, “thrills”, “empowering” feelings that spark an intense “love of life” and respect for one self, those who help and those who benefit from the solution. Solutions, and the act of seeking them, has the amazing effect of uniting living organisms in the search for one common objective. I actually believe that a solution’s existence does not depend upon a problem. A work of art might be great and lack the existence of a problem but, many fantastic artists will tell you that “it can be improved”. You will find that the same happens among software engineers (I can testify), doctors, architects, physicists and simply any organism that seeks any form of progress. Bottom line, I felt so more inspired and resolutive writing this paragraph about solutions that it made it more than twice as big as the problems’ section. Thus, I prove that solutions are greater that problems. ;)